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The BETTER INVESTOR CLUB is a community where passive investors learn, grow, & invest together.

About Us

We bring together Real Estate investors looking to build generational wealth to share knowledge, practical experiences, and investment opportunities with each other, so that we can all become better investors, and full time enjoyers of life.

Everett 'Stony' Stonebraker and Lennon Lee of Passivo Real Estate Investments

Why You Should Become A Club Member

1. There are no members-fees. The only "cost" is your time to read and participate in the club... but actually that time is an investment in your financial literacy and expanding network.

2. Speaking of a network, the Club is a community of passive investors at various stages of their financial freedom journey. Some are seasoned investors with tons of knowledge to share, and some are just getting started and are waiting for someone like you to join and participate.

3. Members get connected with our Better Investor Pros, successful tax/legal/real estate professionals who can take you on a deep-dive into passive, tax-friendly income generation.

4. Each month we have a new Better Investor Conversation, that you can only find inside our online clubhouse. These sessions cover major topics in passive investing, involve interviews with professionals, and open the floor for you to ask any questions or share your own experiences. It's a mastermind of real estate experience.

5. Finally, we are always researching and sourcing multifamily real estate investment opportunities for our investors. Only our clubhouse members are eligible to become Verified Members and access these deals.

This could be your first step to a legacy of generational wealth for your family.

But at some point we will have to cap the amount of club members to make sure each person gets the proper amount of attention. So join now while membership is still open!
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